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tiddlyweb 1.4.12

An optionally headless, extensible HTTP datastore for tiddlers: bits of stuff.

Latest Version: 2.4.2

For additional installation instructions see


TiddlyWeb is an open source HTTP API for storing and accessing flexible and composable microcontent. It is also a toolkit for tiddlers on the web. Tiddlers are small chunks of optionally structured content with their own URI. The concept comes from TiddlyWiki. TiddlyWeb can provide the basis of a server side for TiddlyWiki. TiddlyWeb provides:

  • an abstract model (with default implementations) for:
    • authentication and authorization
    • entity storage
    • entity and collection serialization
  • a straightforward extension model via plugins
  • an implementation of authenticated recipes and bags allowing access to dynamically created and filtered collections of tiddlers
  • a clean and pragmatic HTTP API

The system is designed so that parts that are not optimal for a particular installation can be easily improved or swapped out via plugins.

While TiddlyWeb was initially designed as a TiddlyWiki server-side it can also be used as a generic data store and platform. The platform builds on concepts learned from TiddlyWiki, primarily the concept of the tiddler: a small chunk of data used to build up a greater whole.

TiddlyWeb includes a command line tool called twanager. Run twanager without arguments for a list of available commands.


The easiest way to install TiddlyWeb and all its dependencies is by using pip to install it from PyPI::

pip install -U tiddlyweb

If you wish to use TiddlyWeb as a server-side for TiddlyWiki to generate a multi-user TiddlyWiki system, you will also need tiddlywebwiki. This too can be installed via pip. Installing tiddlywebwiki will install tiddlyweb for you::

pip install -U tiddlywebwiki

Or you can install by hand, you will need the following requirements:


See for plugins that TiddlyWeb can use with itself.

See for a shared hosting service built on TiddlyWeb.

If you have questions or contributions on making TiddlyWeb work for you, please post to the TiddlyWeb group at google groups:

or contact the primary author, Chris Dent <>.

Please report bugs and issues at the github issue tracker:

There are a few tools that make exploring TiddlyWeb a bit easier:


TiddlyWeb is released under the BSD License and is copyright 2008-2013 UnaMesa Association.

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