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tiddlywebplugins.caching 0.9.18

A wrapping store caching entities in memcached.

A memcached based cache for any store used with tiddlyweb.
Decorates an existing store, wrapping a defined store, caching
retrieved objects.

To make use of this store, there are several software and
administrative requirements. This is fairly complex stuff
so don't expect to be able to just turn it on and make it go.

You must have:

* a memcached server
* the python-memcached module
* the following changes to your

config = {
# set the server_store to be the module
'server_store': ['tiddlywebplugins.caching', {}],
# the host and port of one or more memcached servers.
# this is separate from server_store in case there are
# other things that want to use a memcached server
'memcache_hosts': [''],
# the configuration of the base store which is
# being cached by the caching store. Its structure
# is the same as server_store.
'cached_store': ['text', {'store_root': 'store'}],

If you run this code against the TiddlyWeb core tests you should
be aware that some of them will fail because the cache is not
flushed between runs, so sometimes there are incorrect values
in the cache.

If you choose to use this in a production environment you will
need to write some scripts which start, stop or clear the memcache
cache upon each fresh start of the server. You must also keep in
mind that if you edit data in your on disk store by hand, you need
to remember to invalidate the in RAM cache through some mechanism.

Licensed under the same terms as TiddlyWeb itself.

Copyright 2010, Chris Dent <>.  
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