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tiddlywebplugins.extraclude 0.1

Automatic handling of extraclude on tiddler PUT

[TiddlyWeb]( plugin that uses a validator
to process extraclusions.

# Intro

An extraclusion is markup in renderable wikitext which extracts
the contained text to a tiddler of its own. For example if the
following text were put as tiddler "foo":

# Header

Some text

.extraclude bar

## Other Header

Other text


# Another Header


The result would be two tiddlers in the same bag, "foo" and "bar".
"foo" would contain markup to trainsclude "bar".

The extracluded tiddlers inherits the `type` of the parent.

# Install

Install the Python package with:

pip install -U tiddlywepblugins.extraclude

Add the package to `system_plugins` in ``:

config = {
'system_plugins': ['tiddlywebplugins.extraclude']

Copyright 2014 Peermore Limited
BSD License  
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tiddlywebplugins.extraclude-0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-02-10 6KB