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tiddlywebplugins.imrss 0.9.3

Allows you to import rss/atom feeds into tiddlers on your TiddlyWeb through a twanager command imrss. Also provides imrsswithtags which provides a mechanism to tag non-tagged rss feeds.

A TiddlyWeb plugin that allows you to import rss feeds to bags through a twanager command
To use just add "tiddlywebplugins.imrss" to your twanager_plugins

Each item in an rss feed is mapped to a tiddler by the following rules

guid / id attribute (preferred)
OR url with ":","/" and "." replaced with "_" character
The text by default is saved as a link <html><p><b><a href="{{rss link}}">{{rss title}}</a>
{{rss description}} </p></html>
geo.long and
if geo data is present, the longitude and latitude will be matched to these feeds (works with <georss:point> and <georss:where>)
the author of the rss item
the date field is used if present if not then the current date on time of command is taken

You can also create customisations by providing a handler. For example:

1) add to tiddlywebconfig
"imrss":{"module": "my_module"}
2) create a module, inside which paste
def generic_handler(url,tiddler,feed_entry,feed=False,host=""):
tiddler.text = "foo"
return tiddler
3) run twanager imrss http://rssurl foo

The result will be tiddlers in foo from the rss feed, all with "foo" as the text. Obviously this example is rubbish but hopefully it gives you a starting point to explore further customisations.

This package is licensed under the same terms as TiddlyWeb itself.  
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