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tiddlywebplugins.magicuser 0.5

"magically" extend tiddlyweb user capabilities

tiddlywebplugins.magicuser is a tool to extend the capabilities of a user in TiddlyWeb.

When an authentic user is extracted from the credentials extractor system, the username and their roles are places into the WSGI environment as the value of a tiddlyweb.usersign key.

magicuser extends these capabilities by providing a model for adding additional keys and values to the tiddlyweb.usersign dictionary.

It does this by looking in a bag, by default called MAGICUSER, for a tiddler with the same title as the value of the name key in the usersign dict. If that tiddler is present, it is loaded and it’s attributes and fields are used (as shown in the code) to add to the usersign.

BEFORE the magicuser bag is inspected, a username translation layer is engaged. This allow N different authenticated usersigns to be treated as one core usersign within TiddlyWeb. It works as follows:

A tiddler with a title that is the same as the extracted usersign name is retrieved from a bag by default called MAPUSER. If the tiddler exists and has the field mapped_user the value of the field replaces the name in the usersign. It is that name that is then used during the magicuser stage.

This plugin provides no facility for putting tiddlers in either the MAGICUSER or MAPUSER bags. Other code (either client side or server side) is expected to do that.

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tiddlywebplugins.magicuser-0.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-11-12 5KB