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tiddlywebplugins.mappingsql 1.2

Map a single RDBMS table to a bag.

mappingsql is TiddlyWeb StorageInterface implementation that maps an RDBMS table as a bag, with each row representing a tiddler.

It has many limitations (on purpose):

  • It is READ ONLY
  • It only supports one bag.
  • It has no support for recipes.
  • It has no support revisions.
  • It has limited support for search.

You tell what database you want to look at, what table you want to map, and what bag name you want that table to think of itself as. The column name ‘id’ is mapped to tiddler.title unless overridden by the configuration setting of ‘mappingsql.id_column’. Any column names that map to Tiddler attributes are applied. Otherwise, columns are mapped into tiddler.fields.

Search support is used primarily with MySQL and its full text indexing system. You may turn on this support with ‘mappingsql.full_text’ set to True.

This is experimental alpha software, reading and understanding the code is recommending before using. There is additional information in the module docstring.


  • Make mapping of columns to tiddler attributes optional.
  • Cast column data to unicode with flair.

This work was created by Chris Dent <> for Peermore Limited, working for Yellowcar Limited, under the auspices of the wiki-data project of Avox.

It is license under the BSD license. See COPYRIGHT for more information.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
tiddlywebplugins.mappingsql-1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-05-20 8KB