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tiddlywebplugins.markdown 1.1.0

Markdown rendering for TiddlyWeb

Latest Version: 1.3.0

# Intro

A [TiddlyWeb]( plugin to render markdown
syntax wikitext to HTML using the
[Python Markdown]( library.

The source repository is available
[on GitHub](

# Features

If `markdown.wiki_link_base` is set in
[instance]( config, then
TiddlyWeb oriented features are turned on (see below),
otherwise the text is treated as straight Markdown.

Additional Markdown extensions can be activated via the `markdown.extensions`
configuration settings, which is a tuple of two items: A list of extension names
and a dictionary with configuration settings.

By default some extensions are included:

* `fenced_code`:
* `def_list`:
* `foootnotes`:
* `headerid`:

The TiddlyWeb features add the following. If
[TiddlySpace]( is available, then @space
additions are availble.

* `wikilinks`: CamelCase and CamelCase@space
* `spacelinks`: @space
* `freelinks`: [[some page]] and [[some page]]@space
* `labeled freelinks`: [[target|some page]] and [[target|some page]]@space
* `transclusion`: see below

Wikilinks and freelinks will be prefixed by `wiki_link_base`.
Set it to '' (emptry string) to activate the features without any prefix.

Transclusion uses the following syntax:

{{tiddler title}}

That will include tiddler with the given title from the
current context (recipe or bag) of the transcluding tiddler.
If in a TiddlySpace environment then interspace transclusion
is possible:

{{tiddler title}}@spacename

To use this renderer on Tiddlers which have a type of
`text/x-markdown` adjust
to include:

'wikitext.type_render_map' :{
'text/x-markdown': 'tiddlywebplugins.markdown'

If you want all text tiddlers to be rendered as markdown,
then set

'wikitext.default_renderer': 'tiddlywebplugins.markdown'

# Installation

Available from [PyPi](
install with [pip](

pip install -U tiddlywebplugins.markdown

# Other

Copyright 2009, 2013 Chris Dent <>

Licensed under the same terms as TiddlyWeb  
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