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tiddlywebplugins.migrate 0.8

Migrate the contents of one tiddlyweb store to another

migrate is a plugin for migrating the content of one
TiddlyWeb store to another. This can provide two functions:

* Duplicating a store to the same format for use elsewhere, or backups.
* Changing the format of the store from one StorageInterface
implementation to another (e.g. from text to sql).

To use 'migrate' the in the source
instance should be edited to add 'tiddlywebplugins.migrate' to
'twanager_plugins' and to add a 'target_store' key.

The 'target_store' key's value is the same form as
'server_store', with the config information of the
store being migrated to.

Here's an example that will migrate from the sql store
to the text store, with the data stored in a dir in

config = {
'twanager_plugins': ['tiddlywebplugins.migrate'],
'server_store': ['sql', {'db_config': 'sqlite:///test.db'}],
'target_store': ['text', {'store_root': '/tmp/backupstore'}],

Once the configuration is set the twanager command is run:

twanager migrate

If the store is large this may take some time.

When tiddlers are migrated from one store to another, they
are stored as new revisions, so if the target store already
exists and has a tiddler of the same name in the same bag,
it will create a new one, extending the revisions.

Licensed as TiddlyWeb itself.

For more information on TiddlyWeb see

Copyright 2009, 2013 Chris Dent.  
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