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tiddlywebplugins.tiddlywebweb 0.8

A TiddlyWeb store that proxies to another TiddlyWeb server.

tiddlywebweb is a plugin for TiddlyWeb that allows the use
of a different TiddlyWeb instance as its datastore.

It has been created for several reasons:

* Because it is useful for doing things like interacting with
TiddlyWeb on Google App Engine.
* To demonstrate the extensibility and flexibility of the TiddlyWeb
system. Including "code A does not need to be near code B".
* To stimulate the creation a python-based client side library for
accessing TiddlyWeb.
* To prove (as in test) the system.
* To enable a platform for performance testing.
* To confirm HTTP cache header handling.
* To do the luscious CSci wankery of self-hosting.

Once the package is installed, to use add the following to
the of an existing instance:

'server_store': ['tiddlywebplugins.tiddlywebweb', {
'server_base': '',

Set server_base to the URL (including server_prefix) of
the root (without the trailing /) of the target TiddlyWeb.

See pydoc tiddlywebplugins.tiddlywebweb for more details.

You can then do things like:

twanager lbags

to list all the bags on the remote server. You can also start
the local server, and interact via tiddlywebweb with the
remote TiddlyWeb.

* Authentication and Authorization handling very limited.

See this blog posting for some relatively old information:

And this one for some information on using tiddlywebweb with
TiddlyWeb hosted on Google App Engine:

Copyright 2009-2010, Chris Dent <>

Licensed under the same terms as TiddlyWeb itself.  
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