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tilecloud-chain 0.2

Tools to generates tiles from WMS or Mapnik, to S3, Berkley DB, MBTiles, or local filesystem in WMTS layout using Amazon cloud services.

Latest Version: 1.4.1

The goal of TileCloud Chain is to have tools around tile generation on a chain like:

Source: WMS, Mapnik, and probably in future MapScript.

Optionally use an SQS queue.

Destination in WMTS layout, on local filesystem or on S3.


  • Generate tiles.
  • Drop empty tiles.
  • Drop tiles outside a geometry or a bbox.
  • Use MetaTiles
  • Generate GetCapabilities.
  • Generate OpenLayers example page.
  • Obtain the hash of an empty tile
  • In future, measure tile generation speed
  • Calculate cost and generation time.
  • In future, manage the AWS hosts that generate tiles.
  • Delete empty tiles.

Use it


virtualenv .
./bin/pip install tilecloud-chain
./bin/pcreate -s tilecloud_chain .

Edit your layers configuration in ./tilegeneration/config.yaml.

Default self documented file:

Generate tiles:


Generate WMTS capabilities:

./bin/generate_controller --generate_wmts_capabilities

From source

Build it:

python --version 1.5.2 --distribute --download-base \ --setup-source \
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
tilecloud-chain-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-01-07 84KB