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tivix-django-braintree 0.1.3

An easy way to integrate with Braintree Payment Solutions from Django.


  • Install django_braintree (ideally in your virtualenv!) using pip or simply getting a copy of the code and putting it in a directory in your codebase.

    pip install tivix-django-braintree

  • Add django_braintree to your Django settings INSTALLED_APPS:

        INSTALLED_APPS = [
        # ...
  • Add these lines in file:

    BRAINTREE_MERCHANT = 'your_merchant_key'
    BRAINTREE_PUBLIC_KEY = 'your_public_key'
    BRAINTREE_PRIVATE_KEY = 'your_private_key'
    from braintree import Configuration, Environment
  • Add url to

    url(r'', include('django_braintree.urls')),
  • If you’re using South for schema migrations run python migrate django_braintree or simply do a syncdb.

Additional Information

  • Braintree uses default templates:

  • Braintree requires including the js from django_common that enables ajax forms etc. django_common is available at

  • If a template variable cc_form_post_url is passed to the template then this form posts to it, otherwise it posts to the url payments_billing.

  • If a template variable cc_form_success_redirect_url is passed it takes user to that url then after form post has succeeded.

  • Braintree is set up to sandbox mode at default. To change this you must switch Environment.Sandbox to Environment.Production in settings file.

Revision History

  • v0.1.2 Changed to be compatible with Django 1.4+
  • v0.1.3 Changed to be compatible with Django 1.5+

This opensource app is brought to you by Tivix, Inc. ( )

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