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tkbak 1.0.7

Simple Backup Application


  • Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Python >= 3.2 with tkinter + ttk (default for windows, Linux users must see the packages)


  • Just unzip the zip file to your $HOME folder, or
  • There is installer for windows and linux but not fully tested. You can use it but with your own risk:
    • Windows: Double click on “*.exe” setup file, as administrator.
    • Linux: On command line, unzip the *.zip or *.tar.gz file, cd tkbak-x.z.y, and as root, type: python3 install.

User Manual

How to start

Without Installer

On a terminal just type:

  • cd tkbak

  • python3 tkbak or chmod +x tkbak and ./tkbak for linux users.

  • python tkbak for windows users.

  • On graphical enviroment (windows and linux):

    click or double click on the file tkbak.

With Installer

Windows: Just click on the icon Tkbak desktop or in start menu the same icon.

Linux: Click on the icon Tkbak on the utilities menu.


The application has these features:

  • To compress the selected files and folders to zip or tar.gz file.
  • To restore these compressed files.
  • To add files in existicting compressed files.
  • Save the source files and directories for repeating the former tasks.


  • Greek
  • English

If you want to translate in your language, please contact with me.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
tkbak-1.0.7.tar.gz (md5) Source 2015-03-23 133KB (md5) MS Windows installer any 2015-03-23 618KB (md5) Source 2015-03-23 136KB