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tlib 1.2.18

Packages to help the wayward QA tester. Contains : - HttpRequestor : Facilitates communication to REST APIs - SoapRequestor : Facilitates communication to SOAP APIs - SpiraModerator : Fetches and updates data from SpiraTeam - JiraModerator : Fetches and updates issues in Jira - WtpHelper : Sends test requests to WebPagetest and returns test results

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.3.304

A distribution that provides a library of tools written in Python to help simplify the creation of automated tests on all YellowPages products.


  1. Checkout the code from SVN
  2. Open cmd line
  3. Enter the repository folder TLib
  4. Type “python sdist”
  5. Copy the zip that was created from the above command from the dist folder to your Python dir (C:Python27Libsite-packages). You can also use easy_install to install with “easy_install dist/”

NOTE: make sure your PYTHONPATH has been set in your environment variables. ie: PYTHONPATH=C:Python27Lib;C:Python27DLLs;C:Python27Liblib-tk;C:Python27Libsite-packages

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size (md5) Source 2014-02-05 6MB
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