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tmuxp 0.0.17

Manage tmux workspaces from JSON and YAML, pythonic API, shell completion

Latest Version: 1.4.0

tmuxp solves the panes / pains of managing workspaces.

Open to testers

tmuxp is still alpha code and needs a few more weeks until stable. See the Issues tracker to see known issues and for any other concerns.


  • install tmux, at least version 1.8
  • libyaml is installed for your distribution.

Install tmuxp:

$ pip install tmuxp

See: Quickstart

CLI Commands

tmuxp uses switch-client for you if already in a TMUX client.

$ tmuxp attach-session<tab> # current sessions

Kill session

$ tmuxp kill-session<tab> # current sessions

Load a session configuration from a YAML or JSON file.

$ tmuxp load<tab> # configs in config dir, current directory

Convert a session config JSON <=> YAML:

$ tmuxp convert<tab> # configs in config dir, current directory

Experimental: Import configuration from teamocil or tmuxinator:

$ tmuxp import teamocil<tab> # configs in ~/.teamocil dir
$ tmuxp import tmuxinator<tab> # configs in ~/.tmuxinator dir

See installing bash completion to get bash, zsh and tcsh completion working on your machine.

load tmux sessions from yaml and json

Load from ~/.tmuxp.yaml or ~/.tmuxp.json in current directory.

$ tmuxp load .

Load myconfig.yaml from ~/.tmuxp

$ tmuxp load myconfig.yaml

Load a relative or full config file (bash complete supports this too)

$ tmuxp load ./myconfig.yaml
$ tmuxp load ../myconfig.yaml
$ tmuxp load /var/www/mywebproject/myconfig.yaml

$ mkdir ~/.tmuxp and make a file ~/.tmuxp/test.yaml.

session_name: 2-pane-vertical
  - window_name: my test window
      - pwd
      - pwd
$ tmuxp load test.yaml

or ~/.tmuxp/test.json:

  "windows": [
      "panes": [
      "window_name": "my test window"
  "session_name": "2-pane-vertical"
$ tmuxp load test.json

See: Examples

tmux support 1.8, 1.9-dev
config support yaml, json, python dict
License BSD.
git repo
$ git clone
install dev
$ git clone tmuxp
$ cd ./tmuxp
$ virtualenv .env
$ source .env/bin/activate
$ pip install -e .

See the developing and testing page in the docs for more.

$ python ./
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
tmuxp-0.0.17.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-10-27 51KB