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tno.euphorie 2.1

TNO specific extensions for Euphorie

Latest Version: 6.0.14


This packages contains a set of customisations of the Euphorie risk assessment tool as needed for the Dutch RI&E site.


Dutch company data

The company data collected and printed during the report phase is extended with numerous extra fields.

Old RI&E session import

tno.euphorie extends the online client to allow importing of survey sessions as generated by the old version of the site as used up to September 2010. This can be done via a new form that is reachable from the country/session start page.


This package must be installed like a standard third party Plone product:

  • add the package to the python environment used by the Zope instance.
  • configure Zope to load the tno.euphorie zcml
  • restart Zope
  • install the package via the quick installer tool in the ZMI

If you do not already have Euphorie installed it will be installed automatically.


2.1 - September 28, 2012

  • Client API fix: fix handling of absentee percentage in company data. [wichert]
  • Client API fix: do not copy address field to postal code field on update of company data.. [wichert]

2.0 - June 18, 2012

  • Setup Sphinx-based documentation. [wichert]
  • Update to support the client API introduced in Euphorie 4. Euphorie 4 is now a minimal requirement. [wichert]

1.15 - May 20, 2012

  • Prepare for client API changes in Euphorie 4. [wichert]
  • Do not list present risk as warnings in the action plan report. This fixes TNO ticket 219. [wichert]
  • Update actionplan report footnote to reflect current behaviour of top-5 risks. This fixes TNO ticket 217. [wichert]
  • If a module has no description skip it in the client. This fixes the tno.euphorie part of TNO ticket 213. [wichert]
  • Really make priority dropdown for top-5 and policy risks readonly. Apparently the select HTML element does not support the readonly attribute, so use disabled instead. This fixes TNO ticket 221. [wichert]
  • Remove warning-icon for risks with a problem description in the action plan report. Since this report only contains present risks the icon was not useful. This fixes TNO ticket 219. [wichert]

1.14 - April 17, 2012

  • Skip policy and top-5 risks in action plan phase if they are not present. [wichert]
  • Do not allow changing the priority for top5 and policy risks: they always get a high priority. [wichert]

1.13 - December 28, 2011

  • Update MANIFEST to include missing zcml files. [wichert]

1.12 - December 28, 2011

  • Add timeline report option for actionplan report. This requires Euphorie 3. [wichert]

1.11 - April 7, 2011

  • Add note that arbo experts will not automatically receive reports. This fixes TNO ticket 181. [wichert]
  • Fix SQLAlchemy 0.6 compatibility. [wichert]
  • Update templates for new account settings tab from Euphorie 2.6. [wichert]
  • Limit the number of characters for postal code and city fields in the company details form, preventing illegal input. This fixes TNO ticket 180. [wichert]

1.10 - January 25, 2011

  • Add local z3c.appconfig configuration to disable the terms-and-condtions feature from Euphorie. [wichert]
  • Update markup for absentee percentage field to hint that it is a percentage. This is related to TNO ticket 167. [cornae,wichert]

1.9 - January 13, 2011

  • Update error text for invalid absentee percentage. This fixes TNO ticket 167. [wichert]
  • Fix display of absentee in the company data form. This fixes TNO ticket 166. [wichert]

1.8 - January 11, 2011

  • Use the new homelink METAL macro to render the logo and site URL. This is part of TNO ticket 12. [wichert]
  • Do not accidentily check the akkoort OR/medewerkersvertegenwoordiging flag after a validation error elsewhere on the company form. This fixes TNO ticket 163. [wichert]

1.7 - December 7, 2010


  • Do not use (now missing) translations for texts specific to this package. This fixes TNO ticket 152. [wichert]
  • Show decimals for absentee percentages. This employes a workaround for a zope.i18n bug 686058. This fixes TNO ticket 162. [wichert]
  • Fix display of current number of employees in the company data form. This fixes TNO ticket 151. [wichert]

1.6 - November 6, 2010


  • Rewrite company form to use z3c.form as form toolkit. This should improve form robustness greatly. Fixes TNO ticket 145. [wichert]
  • Correct reStructuredText syntax errors in the changelog. [wichert]

1.5 - October 22, 2010

Upgrade notes

This release updates the profile version to 101. Please use the upgrade feature in portal_setup to upgrade the tno.euphorie:default profile to this version.


  • Allow non-integer absentee percentages in company data. This fixes TNO ticket 142. [wichert]


  • Improve check for valid years in company edit form. This fixes TNO ticket 138. [wichert]
  • Override action plan report download as well. This fixes TNO ticket 143. [wichert]
  • Add base infrastructure to run tests for tno.euphorie. [wichert]
  • Update RI&E session loader to update dutch_company instead of company. This fixes TNO ticket 140. [wichert]

1.4 - October 7, 2010


  • Do not treat 0 as not-filled-in when rendering the action plan report. This fixes TNO ticket 130. [wichert]
  • Small robustness improvement in id-mapping logic: continue processing a module even if it has no external id itself. [wichert]

1.3 - October 5, 2010


  • Copy the company details handling in the client from euphorie.client here in preparation for changes in Euphorie. [wichert]

1.2 - September 29, 2010


  • Handle missing action plan measure data. This fixes part of TNO ticket 122. [wichert]

1.1 - September 23, 2010


  • Configure email settings for real site. [wichert]


  • Correct test for existence of profile questions when parsing a session file. This fixes part of TNO ticket 114. [wichert]
  • Gracefully handle risks listed in a session file which no longer exist in the system. This fixes part of TNO ticket 114. [wichert]

1.0 - September 17, 2010

  • Initial release [wichert]
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