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togglwrapper 1.0.1

Easily interface with Toggl's API.

Python library to easily interface with Toggl’s API.

Only supports the main Toggl API, not the Reports API (coming soon).

Works in Python 2.7+ and Python 3+, and uses requests .


Toggl is free time tracking software.


  • Handles authentication for you: only need to provide your API token once
  • The most complete Python wrapper: implements all of v8 API.
  • Convenient install from PyPI
  • Easy to make requests to custom URLs
  • Python2 and Python3 compatible


$ pip install togglwrapper


>>> from togglwrapper import Toggl
>>> toggl = Toggl('your_api_token')``
>>> toggl.User.get()
{u'data': {u'achievements_enabled': True,
u'api_token': u'your_api_token',
u'email': u'',
u'fullname': u'Your Name',
>>> toggl.Clients.get()
[{u'at': u'2015-07-02T14:27:59+00:00',
u'id': 12031893,
u'name': u'Client Name',
u'wid': 3928}]
>>> toggl.Workspaces.get()
[{u'admin': True,
u'api_token': u'your_api_token',
u'id': 1234,
u'name': u"Your workspace",
>>> toggl.Clients.create({"client":{"name":"Very Big Company", "wid": 1234}})
{u'data': {u'id': 294021, u'name': u'Very Big Company', u'wid': 1234}}

Custom Request

Let’s pretend that a new endpoint is released, for a new Toggl object: Addresses. This hypothetical endpoint is located at We can GET all addresses, GET a specific address by ID, or POST to create a new address.

We can use the methods on the Toggl client, so we don’t have to wait for a new version of togglwrapper that supports the new endpoint:

>>> from togglwrapper import Toggl
>>> toggl = Toggl('your_api_token')
>>> toggl.get('/addresses')
>>> toggl.get('/addresses/{address_id}')
>>>'/addresses', data={"address": {"name": "Billing Address 1", "address": "123 Main St."}})

toggl.put and toggl.delete are also available.


Find the full documentation here:

Methods and Classes

  • toggl.Clients
  • toggl.Dashboard
  • toggl.Projects
  • toggl.ProjectUsers
  • toggl.Tags
  • toggl.Tasks NOTE: user associated with the api token must be a Pro member
  • toggl.TimeEntries
  • toggl.User
  • toggl.Workspaces
  • toggl.WorkspaceUsers
  • toggl.signup()
  • toggl.reset_token()

API Endpoints Documentation

For full details on what fields are required, and what endpoints are available, see the Toggl API docs

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