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tokyo-python 0.7.0

Tokyo libraries Python interface.

Package Documentation

tokyo-python is a set of Python interfaces to `Mikio Hirabayashi
<http:""/>`_'s Tokyo libraries, it includes:

- :mod:`tokyo.cabinet`, an interface to `Tokyo Cabinet <http:"" tokyocabinet=""/>`_
- :mod:`tokyo.dbm`, a :mod:`dbm` compatible interface to :mod:`tokyo.cabinet`
- :mod:`tokyo.tyrant`, an interface to `Tokyo Tyrant <http:"" tokyotyrant=""/>`_
- :mod:`tokyo.dystopia`, an interface to `Tokyo Dystopia <http:"" tokyodystopia=""/>`_

Useful links:

- `Latest release <http:"" pypi="" tokyo-python=""/>`_
- `Documentation <http:"" tokyo-python=""/>`_
- `Mailing list <http:"" group="" tokyo-python="">`_
- `Bug reports and feature requests <http:"" p="" tokyo-python="" issues="" list="">`_

`tokyo-python's source code <http:""/>`_ is currently
hosted by `Google code <http:""/>`_ and kept in a `Subversion
<http:""/>`_ repository.

- `Subversion instructions <http:"" p="" tokyo-python="" source="" checkout="">`_
- `Subversion browser <http:"" p="" tokyo-python="" source="" browse=""/>`_  
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