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tomber 1.0.1

a python Tomb (the Crypto Undertaker) wrapper

Latest Version: 1.0.5


Tomber is a python Wrapper for [Tomb](
It relies on subprocess for tomb commands execution. Its inspired in pytomb with is actually included in Tomb extras.

Note that this project is still being developed, so any contributing will is welcome.
Included test.jpg file is used to test bury/exhume functions, so test do not create images with PIL anymore

To speedup forge, install an entropy generator like [haveged](

Example usage

from tomber import *

# dig a tomb of 20mb

# forge a key
tforge('test.key', 'this is the passphrase for the key')

# lock the tomb
tlock('test.tomb', 'test.key', 'this is the passphrase for the key')

# open the tomb
topen('test.tomb', 'test.key', 'this is the passphrase for the key', '/tmp/tomb')

# close the tomb

Running tests
A piece of advice: the included 'test' file execute Tomb.slam() command, so that probably will close you currently opened Tombs.

This package is distributed under BSD License. See also [LICENSE](

For bug report, feedback, or any other reasons:
Federico Reiven <reiven at="" gmail="" dot="" com="">