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Beautiful open source RadiusServer


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TOUGHRADIUS is a Radius server software developed based on Python, which implements the standard Radius protocol and supports the extension of Radius protocol.

TOUGHRADIUS can be understood as a Radius middleware, and it does not implement all of the business functions. It needs access to the back-end business system.

TOUGHRADIUS provides complete back end interface support, such as supporting HTTP protocol access capabilities, and the back-end business system must provide additional HTTP API interfaces,

# Quick start

## Install

First of all, you need a Python runtime environment and install the pip package manage tool

> pip install toughradius

## Configuration

The default configuration directory is /etc/toughradius

  • Main configuration file: /etc/toughradius/radiusd.json
  • Logging configuration file: /etc/toughradius/radiusd.json
  • Nas Client configuration file: /etc/toughradius/clients.json
  • Radius protocol dictionary file directory: /etc/toughradius/dictionarys

## Startup

Start authentication, accounting, and API Server on one process

> gtrcli radiusd

Launching authentication services only

> gtrcli auth

Launching accounting services only

> gtrcli acct

Launching API Server only

> gtrcli apiserv
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toughradius- (md5)
built for centos 7.2.1511
RPM any 2017-08-20 337KB
toughradius- (md5)
built for centos 7.2.1511
RPM any 2017-08-20 223KB
toughradius- (md5) Python Wheel 2.7 2017-08-20 467KB