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toxtweet 0.10

ToxTweet- Tools for Toxicovigliance on Twitter

Package Documentation

Python files for Toxicovigilance on Twitter

What is it?

A collection of Python files, also listed on PyPI, as part of an ongoing effort to use Twitter for toxicology research.

How do I use it?

The easiest thing is to copy all of the files to someplace in your PYTHONPATH, like ~/bin.


This module creates a object for all drugs listed in the formulary. It can save the results in JSON or XLS.

What other Python Plugins do I need?

-Numpy/SciPy -XLRD XLWT -python-twitter (use pip install twitter not easy_install twitter) -matplotlib -simplejson -networkx

What do the files besides do?

—> creates an instance of twitterQuery for each drug in the “formulary” that you are … querying Twitter for.

—> loads the JSON format results from querying twitter and formats them for NLP analysis by:
  1. Writing a reduplicated record of the tweets to an XLS file for human rating. (Change filename, which indicates the location of the JSON dump of the twitter query, as needed.)
  2. Making a stemmed corpus to use for semantic analysis, contextual analysis or as input to a classifier. (Change the savename as needed.)

—> is a helper function to calculate the Fleisch-Kincaid grade level of a tweet.

—> draws a degree-rank plot with the social graph as an inset. ATTRIBUTION: This is a modified version of a file from the matplotlib examples gallery.

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