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trmaid 0.1.6

Tool to maintain transmission (bittorrent) settings, add items from feeds and redis queues

# trMaid

Takes care of transmission settings, keeps torrents under check and adds em from feed or redis queue (well list actually)

## About configuration (~/.trmaid.conf file)

### Sections:

#### [host]

[host] redis = redis://localhost:6379 url = username = transmission password = transmission

Well that seems self explanatory...

#### [session]

[session] alt-speed-enabled = False download-dir = /home/path/Downloads incomplete-dir = /home/path/Downloads/incomplete blocklist-enabled = True blocklist-update-interval = 168 blocklist-url = ...

Here you can define transmissions session-set parameters - every time script runs, it checks if they match the given parameters here and if they don't, script will update them with session-set call. Magic variable here is "blocklist-update-interval". If blocklist-url has been configured and enabled script will execute the blocklist-update request every X hour (168 hours / a week in examples case).

#### [general-tracker]

[general-tracker] remove-stopped-after-hours = 24 remove-stopped-after-ratio = 1.2 seedRatioLimit = 1.5 seedRatioMode = 1 seedRatioLimited = True

This section might include all torrent-set parameters and additionally four of the following:

  • remove-stopped-after-hours - torrent gets removed if its stopped and it has been finished for X hours
  • remove-stopped-after-ratio - torrent gets removed if its stopped and its ratio is at-least X
  • remove-after-hours - torrent gets removed if it has been finished for X hours
  • remove-after-ratio - torrent gets removed if its ratio is at-least X

_Note_ - existing previous 4 parameters must all be matched to remove torrent automatically. Eg. if you have remove-after-ratio and remove-stopped-after-hours - torrent has to be stopped

#### [host.tld] This is same as general-tracker, but is used if announce urls hostname matches it. Once match is found general-tracker and location:... sections are skipped. Use it to set special values to eg. private trackers.

#### [location:*]

[location:/home/path/Downloads] seedRatioLimit = 1.5 seedRatioMode = 1 seedRatioLimited = True

This special section is identical to general-tracker but its parameters here are only set if torrents download location matches one in the section name. Once match is found general-tracker is skipped. I use it to set special values to [CouchPotato]( torrents that saves torrents to specific location but does not support setting peer and/or speed limits.

#### [rss:*]
[rss:] download-dir = /home/path/Downloads/tv-shows peer-limit = 15 downloadLimit = 1024 downloadLimited = False uploadLimit = 50 uploadLimited = True seedRatioLimit = 5.0 seedRatioMode = 1 seedRatioLimited = True

Parameters here are either torrent-add or torrent-set parameters. Previous example adds torrents from ezrss "FakeShow" feed, adding them to 'tv-shows' directory and sets peer/download/upload limits.

#### [redis:*]

[redis:list-4-lpop] peer-limit = 20 uploadLimit = 5 uploadLimited = True

Here torrent urls or magent links are popped (lpop) out of the list "list-4-lpop" mentioned in section name. Otherwise its the same as rss:.... section

You can read more about session-set, torrent-add and torrent-set requests from here: [transmssion rpc spec ](

NB! things break, use at your own risk and only download legal stuff! ;)

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