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Troll abstract storage layer

The package provides an abstract approach for the storage problematics. It defines a simple, yet exhaustive, api to deal with all kind of storage.

It provides :

  • A clear API as interfaces
  • A base class adapter that provides a basic implementation.
  • A demonstrative, yet functional, annotation descriptor, to handle annotation storages.

How does it work?

The system uses the basic zope3 components system to be flexible and pluggable. There are 3 main parts :

  • the Handler : the straightforward API to store, retrieve and delete. It’s implemented as an adapter.
  • the Storage : a storage object that implements IStorage. It can be a zope container or a layer to write in a relational database.
  • the Stored Item : a very lightly contrained object that is to be stored in Storage.

Learn more

Nothing is like code reading to understand how to use it and why to use it. I recommand you read the tests. They demonstrate all the basic usecases.

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