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trparse 0.1.0

Traceroute parser

Latest Version: 0.2.1


Parses the output of a traceroute execution into an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) built up from:

  • a Traceroute root
  • Hop inner nodes
  • Probe leaf nodes

Every node is printable and the entire tree is printable from the root.

Supports the following info. Parsed info in bold:

  • Header:
    • Destination Hostname
    • (Destination IP address)
  • Hop
    • Hop counter
    • [AS#]
    • Probe
      • Hostname
      • (IP address)
      • RTT
      • !Annotation


import trparse
s = <some_output_from_traceroute>
# Parse the traceroute output
traceroute = trparse.loads(s)
# You can print the result
print traceroute
# Save it as string
tr_str = str(traceroute)
# Or travel the tree
hop = traceroute.hops[0]
probe = hop.probes[0]
# And print the IP address
print probe.ip

Data structures

  • Traceroute
    • dest_name :: <str>
    • dest_ip :: <str>
    • hops :: <list<Hop>>
  • Hop
    • idx :: <int>
    • asn :: <int>
    • probes :: <list<Probe>>
  • Probe
    • name :: <str>
    • ip :: <str>
    • rtt :: <float>
    • anno :: <str>


trparse is based on the output of the traceroute command in OSX and Linux. It parses the text based on regular expressions, so there are some tokens it expects to find in a specific format. For example:

  • Destination Hostname and (Destination IP Address) must be in the same line separated only by one or more space characters. They must be found in the header zone (typically the first two lines), before any hop result.
  • (Destination IP Address) must be surrounded by parenthesis
  • Hop counter must be the first token in its line. There can be lines starting with another token, but if there is a Hop counter in a line, it has to be the first token in that line. (can be preceded by space characters).
  • [AS#] must be surrounded by square brackets [] and start with AS.
  • Hostname Can be a hostname or its IP address without parenthesis
  • (IP address) must be in IPv4 format surrounded by parenthesis ().
  • RTT must be in integer (without commas or dots) or float format (with one (and only one) dot) separated from the ms literal by a least one space character.
  • !Annotation must start with a ! symbol followed by non-space charachters and there can’t be more than one per probe.

Windows’s tracert output do not meet these conditions so it won’t work in a Widows system. Maybe in a future release.

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trparse-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-23 3KB