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truepy 1.0

A Python library to create TrueLicense license files.

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 2.0.2

TrueLicense compatible license manager for Python

This package supports managing licenses one the format used by the Java package TrueLicense. Only the version 1 format is supported.

Please see the TrueLicense home page for an exhaustive reference of the license format, or Quick license format description below.

Quick license format description

A license has a validity window in time, an issuer, a holder and various meta data.

It is signed by the holder, and the signature can be verified using the issuer certificate.

The license file is also encrypted with a key derived from a password.

Quick library reference

The main class exported by truepy is truepy.License.

  • To generate a new license, use the class method truepy.License.issue.
  • To load a license from a file or stream, use the class method truepy.License.load.
  • To save a license to a file or stream, use the method
  • To verify the siganture of a license, use the method truepy.License.verify.
  • To read license information, use the truepy.License.license_data attribute; this is of the type truepy.LicenseData.

Loading and storing licenses requires only the license password; these operations do not perform signing and signature verification.

Issuing a new license requires the private key of the issuer certificate.

Verifying a license signature requires the issuer certificate.

Quick application reference

Please run the application with python -m truepy -h for more information.

Release Notes

1.0 - Initial Release

  • Support for basic license operations for TrueLicense version 1 licenses
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