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Tryton - Web Framework

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This is the base module required for Nereid to work. The module creates the models and the tryton views for the basic module to work.





Using Babel to translate trytond-nereid

The basic steps in translation are:

  • Extract translations
  • Create language/locales
  • Translate them
  • compile the translations

To extract translations

pybabel extract -F babel.cfg -o i18n/messages.pot .

To Translate to new language

pybabel init -i i18n/messages.pot -d i18n -l pt_BR

Now edit the translations/de/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po file as needed. Check out some gettext tutorials if you feel lost.

To compile the translations for use

pybabel compile -d i18n

What if the strings change?

pybabel update -i i18n/messages.pot -d i18n

Afterwards some strings might be marked as fuzzy (where it tried to figure out if a translation matched a changed key). If you have fuzzy entries, make sure to check them by hand and remove the fuzzy flag before compiling.

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