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Nereid Dynamic Image Resizing and transformation module

Latest Version:

This module works as a dynamic image resizing addon for the statifc file functionality in Nereid.

How to use

The module introduces a new URL handler to the static file module, which takes a URL path in which transformation commands could be embedded to dynamically resize, rotate (TODO) and do various other tranformations.

A note of warning

Image manipulation is slow! Really Slow!

Hence, this module is designed to be used with a frontend cache. The responses from the module by default has instructions for frontend caches to store the file in cache for 86400 seconds (equivalent to a day).

It is also recommended to use X-Send-File configuration with Nereid and your web server (apache, nginx) to speed up delivery of images.


{{ product.large_image.transform_command().thumbnail(120, 120).resize(100, 100) }}

Using the above in a template should result in the following URL:

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
trytond_nereid_image_transformation- (md5) Source 2014-02-19 34KB