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Nereid Party Mutli User

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This module addresses the following issues:

  1. A nereid user having multiple parties associated to it.

    Useful in cases where a single user may need access to multiple parties. For example if both supplier A and supplier B have the same accountant who needs access to the portal, the parties could be added to the nereid user and the user could switch between the two companies.

    Tip: Nereid design mostly uses the current party identified by the party field in nereid for filtering and displaying relevant information to a customer. So switching of the party would be necessary for user’s information context to change.

  2. A party having multiple users associated to it.

    In B2B applications it is often the case that there are multiple users for the same party. For example, if you have built a portal, you might want to grant access to the owner as well as the accountant. In this case two nereid users could be related to the same party.

  3. Having a name separate from the party.

    In B2B business application there could be multiple users on a client side who will demand access to a web application that you might be building. In such cases, the name of the user displayed on the portal should be of the user and not of the party the user belongs to (default behaviour), since the party represents the client company behind the user and not the user himself.

This module addresses the problem by making the display_name field (a function field in the core of nereid) into a fields.Char. This allows a separate name for the nereid.user from that of the


If your application already has users before installing the module, you might want to follow the migration path explained below:

To migrate the existing m2o/o2m relationship between party and nereid user


INSERT INTO "nereid_user-party_party" (nereid_user, party) (
    SELECT  id AS nereid_user, party FROM nereid_user

To migrate the name of the party as the display_name


UPDATE nereid_user
    SET display_name =
    FROM party_party AS party
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