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Tryton Nereid Web based Project Management

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Nereid Project

A web based project management system built on the Tryton framework and

**Nereid Project** is an open-source collaborative development platform offered
by Team Openlabs. It is mainly used for managing project processes. While it
could be used for managing any kind of projects, it is primarily used at
Openlabs to manage software projects. It is designed to help organise projects
& tasks. The aim is to connect everything together on a single interface,
avoiding unecessary time consumption, and track project's progress, task's
status, shared files, time spent on individual tasks.

The goal of nereid project is to provide a friendly web based user interface to
stakeholders outside the company to the powerful project management module of

* Separate user accounts for users outside the company (like customers &
freelancers) without giving access to Tryton.

* Simplify the project management tasks to encourage participation from users
who may not be tech savvy.


.. code:: sh

$ pip install trytond_nereid_project

To install from source

.. code:: sh

$ git clone git://
$ cd nereid-project
$ python install

Build Status (Master)

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.. _Master:

Build Status (Develop)

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.. _Develop:
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trytond_nereid_project- (md5) Source 2014-03-31 610KB