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Sentry Client for Tryton

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Sentry is a realtime event logging system. This module provides a tryton daemon script which reports unhandled exceptions to sentry and sends a friendly message to the client with an identifier of the error code. The daemon script trytond_sentry is a drop in replacement for trytond installed by the trytond official package.

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From PyPI:

pip install trytond_sentry

For older versions:

pip install 'trytond_sentry>=2.8,<3.0'

From git repository:

git clone
cd trytond-sentry
python install


The DSN is an additional argument required for the daemon script to know which sentry server the errors should be reported to. This can be specified in two ways:

  1. As a command line argument:

    trytond_sentry -s http://<public_key>:<secret_key>
  2. In the configuration:

    trytond_sentry -c /path/to/config

where the config file has an argument

sentry_dsn = http://<public_key>:<secret_key>



Authors and Contributors

Sentry for Tryton was built at Openlabs. It’s opensource, feel free to fork and contribute! Hate us! Just fork. You can tweet us at @openlabsindia with questions.

Support or Contact

Having trouble? Contact and we’ll help you sort it out.

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