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tstables 0.0.7

Handles large time series using PyTables and Pandas

Latest Version: 0.0.15

TsTables is a Python package to store time series data in HDF5 files using PyTables. It stores time series data into daily partitions and provides functions to query for subsets of data across partitions.

Its goals are to support a workflow where tons (gigabytes) of time series data are appended periodically to a HDF5 file, and need to be read many times (quickly) for analytical models and research.


This example reads in minutely bitcoin price data and then fetches a range of data. For the full example here, and other examples, see

# Class to use as the table description
class BpiValues(tables.IsDescription):
    timestamp = tables.Int64Col(pos=0)
    bpi = tables.Float64Col(pos=1)

# Use pandas to read in the CSV data
bpi = pandas.read_csv('bpi_2014_01.csv',index_col=0,names=['date','bpi'],parse_dates=True)

f = tables.open_file('bpi.h5','a')

# Create a new time series
ts = f.create_ts('/','BPI',BpiValues)

# Append the BPI data

# Read in some data
read_start_dt = datetime(2014,1,4,12,00)
read_end_dt = datetime(2014,1,4,14,30)

rows = ts.read_range(read_start_dt,read_end_dt)

# `rows` will be a pandas DataFrame with a DatetimeIndex.

Pre-release software

TsTables is currently under development and has yet to be used extensively in production. It is reaching the point where it is reasonably well-tested, so if you’d like to use it, feel free! If you are interested in the project (to contribute or to hear about updates), email Andy Fiedler at

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