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tulipcore 0.1.0a1

An alternative Gevent core loop implementation with asyncio

Latest Version: 0.1.0a2


tulipcore_ is an alternative gevent_ core loop. It is based on asyncio_ a.k.a.
tulip, the async library for Python 3. With tulipcore_, you can run gevent_
code on top of asyncio_.

tulipcore_ is written and maintained by `Fantix King`_ and is licensed under
MIT license.

Install tulipcore

Install Python 3.4 or newer, greenlet_ extension and gevent_ library. Note if
you are running on Python 3.3, you still need to install the asyncio_ library.

Please note, at this point (mid 2014) main line gevent_ is in a progress fully
supporting Python 3. So if you want to take a try right now, you can install
my gevent fork:

pip install git+git://

Install tulipcore:

pip install git+git://

Use tulipcore

Add this environment variable, it will tell gevent_ to use tulipcore_:


For example, you can run the gevent_ test suite with tulipcore_ installed:

cd gevent/greentest
GEVENT_LOOP=tulipcore.Loop python


This project was originally called gevent3_, which was a wrapper of asyncio_
for Python 3 offering a gevent-compatible API. It was developed in a wrong
direction and I decided to abandon it.

.. _gevent:
.. _gevent3:
.. _asyncio:
.. _Fantix King:
.. _tulipcore:  
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