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tulipcore 0.1.0a2

An alternative Gevent core loop implementation with asyncio

tulipcore is an alternative gevent core loop. It is based on asyncio a.k.a. tulip, the async library for Python 3. With tulipcore, you can run gevent code on top of asyncio.

tulipcore is written and maintained by Fantix King and is licensed under MIT license.

Install tulipcore

Install Python 3.4 or newer, greenlet extension and gevent library. Note if you are running on Python 3.3, you still need to install the asyncio library.

Please note, at this point (mid 2014) main line gevent is in a progress fully supporting Python 3. So if you want to take a try right now, you can install my gevent fork:

pip install git+git://

Install tulipcore:

pip install git+git://

Use tulipcore

Add this environment variable, it will tell gevent to use tulipcore:


For example, you can run the gevent test suite with tulipcore installed:

cd gevent/greentest
GEVENT_LOOP=tulipcore.Loop python


This project was originally called gevent3, which was a wrapper of asyncio for Python 3 offering a gevent-compatible API. It was developed in a wrong direction and I decided to abandon it.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
tulipcore-0.1.0a2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-03 3KB