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tuxmodule 1.0

This module provides access to the Tuxedo ATMI API for the Python programming language.


  • Write Tuxedo clients (both /WS and native) in Python (2.x and 3.0)
  • Write Tuxedo servers
  • Dynamic reload of python code for servers (optional)
  • Support for STRING and FML buffer types. FML buffers are mapped to Python dictionaries with list elements.
  • Full Tuxedo ATMI support (tpcall, tpacall, tpgetrply, tppost, tpsubscribe, tpnotify, tpsetunsol, tpdequeue, tpenqueue, tpbegin, tpabort, tpcommit, tpsectxt, tpinit, tpadvertise, userlog, tpsetctxt (multithreaded client for Tuxedo > Rel 7))
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
tuxmodule-python2.tar.gz (md5)
Version for Python 2.x
Source 2011-01-18 29KB
tuxmodule-python3.tar.gz (md5)
Version for Python 3.x
Source 2011-02-22 30KB