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tw.uploadify 0.1a4

upload files with progress informations

Detailed Documentation

tw.uploadify documentation

tw.uploadify is a tosca widget wrapper around jquery uploadify plugin
which can be found here :

the version released with this package is 2.1.4

using the widget

in the widget lib

from tw.forms import TableFieldSet
from tw.uploadify import Uploadify

class UploadFieldset(TableFieldSet):
    label_text = "upload files"
    fields = [
        Uploadify('upload_file', label_text='upload File',
                  scriptData={'_method': 'PUT'},

upload_fieldset = UploadFieldset("upload_fieldset")

in the view controller

from widgetlib import upload_fieldset


class UploadController(BaseController):

    def index(self):
        params = { 'child_args' : {
                      'upload_file': dict(script="foobarbaz"),
        tmpl_context.file_form = upload_fieldset
        return dict(params=params)

in the template

<div py:replace="tmpl_context.file_form(**params)">Files Form</div>


only some options are implemented now, please refer to the source code

Change history

New in 0.1

0.1a4 partial events support

0.1a3 corrected example

0.1a2 nice test and debugging contrib from Diez Roggisch better example

0.1a1 CHANGES.txt wasn’t including, stopping easy_install

0.1a0 First Release

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
tw.uploadify-0.1a4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2011-07-22 39KB