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twextpy 0.1b.trunk-r12385

Extensions to Twisted

Latest Version: 0.1.b1.dev14607


This is a python module consisting of extensions to the Twisted Framework (


Python version 2.7 is supported.

This library is can be built using the standard distutils mechanisms.

It is also registered with the Python Package Index (PyPI) as twextpy for use with pip and easy_install.


If you are planning to work on this library, you can manage this with standard distutils mechanisms. There are, however, some tools in the bin directory which automate this management for you.

To use these tools, you must have pip on your system. If you do not have pip, instructions for installing it are at The script install_pip (requires sudo access) automates this for you.

The shell script develop downloads and builds any dependancies and sets up a development environment. develop handles non-Python as well as Python dependancies.

The tools python, pyflakes, trial, and twistd are wrappers around the cooresponding commands that use develop to ensure that dependancies are available, PYTHONPATH is set up correctly, etc.

test runs all of the unit tests and does linting. It should be run before checking in any code.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
twextpy-0.1b.trunk-r12385.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-17 619KB