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twordpress 0.9.5

A command-line tool to manage your blogs on wordpress

Latest Version: 0.9.8

A command line tool to manage your blogs on ````.

Configuration file

Create configuration file ``~/.config/twordpress/config`` with following entry::

name=Dilawar's Blog
name=Dilawar's Notes

If you choose to store this file to some other location then you should pass
``--config path/to/twordpressrc`` like option to the ``twordpress`` command.


A fork of the library
is included in this version.

You can install ``pandoc``. This application turn ``html`` to ``markdown``
format and vice-versa. I can do more but this is what we need. If ``pandoc`` is
not available then it uses a python script to turn html to text.

Proxy support is added recently to ``python-wordpress-xmlrcp``. It reads
environment variable ``http_proxy``. If you are behind proxied network, then
``export`` in your bash. And we are good to

3. Fetch posts
Following commands fetches post::

twordpress --blog 1 --fetch all
twordpress --blog 0 --fetch "Python is awesome"

First command will download all posts and pages from ``blog1``. And second will
download all posts which matches the given query from ``blog0``. Third command
will download most recent entries from default blog (``blog0``). Currently it
does not download media.

Each post gets its own directory and two files ```` and
``content.html`` are created. Edit markdown file and run the following command
to update the post.

4. Updating post

Following command update the blog. ::

$twordpress --blog 0 --update

5. Create new post
This command post a new post::

$twordpress --blog 1 --new

The new blog is written in markdown format but a meta-data has to be prefixed.
This is how your blog file should look like.::

title: This is title of my awesome post
status: publish
tags: [some awesome tag, tag2]
categories: [catA, some_category]

Here is content of blog in markdown format.

Too much has already been written. This ends my blog.


Fri 28 Feb 2014 05:06:57 PM EST

- Fixed import module error.

Sat 01 Feb 2014 12:10:25 AM IST

- The defualt config file is ``~/.config/twordpress/config``
- We can now post latex on wordpress. Use $latex_formulae$ to write latex in

Tue 28 Jan 2014 06:28:35 PM IST

- The default file path for configuration file is ``.config/twordpressrc``
- Fix a bug. It was causing utf encode error.

Wed 29 Jan 2014 05:53:58 PM IST

- The YAML front matter in post is closely match with jekyll. Same post can be
uploaded to github page.  
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