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txJSON-RPC 0.3.1

Code for creating Twisted JSON-RPC servers and clients.

Latest Version: 0.5


txJSON-RPC currently has the following dependencies:



If you want to develop for txJSON-RPC or use the latest code we’re working on, you can install from the sources. You’ll need bzr installed, and then just do the following:

$ bzr branch lp:txjsonrpc
$ cd txjsonrpc
$ sudo python install

Easy Install

You can use the setuptools easy_install script to get txSpore on your system:

$ sudo easy_install txJSON-RPC

Manual Download

You can manually download the source tarball from the Python Package Index by visiting the following URL:

You’ll need to untar and gunzip the source, cd into the source directory, and then you can do the usual:

$ sudo python install

Checking the Source

Once installed, you can test the source code by executing this from the top-level source directory:

$ trial txjsonrpc

That will run the test suite and report on the success and failure of any unit tests.



In the top-level source directory for txJSON-RPC, there is an examples directory. This contains the following:

  • Client and server examples for twiste.web-based JSON-RPC.
  • Client and server examples for twiste.web2-based JSON-RPC.
  • Client and server examples for Netstring TCP JSON-RPC as well as code shoing how to use subhandlers for the TCP code, since this is different than the XML-RPC/JSON-RPC HTTP-based subhandlers.

Examining each of the Python files in the example directories is the best way to get a sense of how to use txJSON-RPC.


Known Issues

  • txJSON-RPC doesn’t yet support the proposed v2.0 JSON-RPC protocol.



  • add version support in proxy constructor and callRemote method
  • add unit tests for proxy’s use of version in constructor as well as callRemote
  • pull out anything that has to do with setting the payload (e.g., method/params dict) and put it in jsonrpclib
  • clean up error checking, now that errors are going in the payload under the “error” key.

JSON-RPC over HTTP (web2)

  • add a client example
  • update

JSON-RPC over HTTP (web)

  • add unit tests for proxy’s use of version in constructor as well as callRemote


  • return results in simpljson dicts with possible keeys of “result” or “error”
  • use simplesjon’s hook for creating appropriate JS objects from hints in the results


txJSON-RPC 0.3.1

  • Fixed a bug in the source distribution.
  • Removed web2 support (which was breaking txJSON-RPC on modern Twisted releases.)
  • Updated json support for modern Python versions.

txJSON-RPC 0.3.0

  • Removed unneeded dependency upon twisted.web2 for the TCP/Netstring JSON-RPC code.
  • Updated Netstring JSON-RPC code to allow for setting the MAX_LENGTH attribute.
  • Improved documentation.

txJSON-RPC 0.2.0

  • Added a datetime serializer.

txJSON-RPC 0.1.0

  • Bug fix from Moshe Zadka for SimpleParser and long replies.

txJSON-RPC 0.0.5

  • SimpleParser bug fix, improved code abstractions.

Twisted-JSONRPC 0.0.4

  • Changed name in accord with Twisted community projects recommendations.

Twisted-JSONRPC 0.0.3

  • Includes support for Twisted JSON-RPC servers/clients over TCP by means of the Netstring protocol.

Twisted-JSONRPC 0.0.2

  • Includes support for twisted.web2 JSON-RPC servers over HTTP.

Twisted-JSONRPC 0.0.1

  • Includes support for twisted.web JSON-RPC servers/clients over HTTP.
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