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txlongpoll 0.3.2

Long polling HTTP frontend for AMQP

Generic long poll server used by Launchpad and Landscape.


By default txlongpoll attempts to build without going to the network; instead it tries to find all dependencies from download-cache/dist, and you must download all the dependencies yourself.

If you prefer to use resources from the ‘net, PyPI for example, then:

  • Remove the –setup-source and –download-base options in Makefile to allow to download setuptools.
  • Comment out the install-from-cache = true line in buildout.cfg to allow bin/buildout to download dependencies.

To run the tests you may also need lp:rabbitfixture (bzr branch lp:rabbitfixture). Build an sdist tarball and drop it into download-cache/dist. You may also need to do the same for testresources-0.2.4_r58 until it reaches PyPI.

txlongpoll needs a recent RabbitMQ with support for rejection. Maverick’s 1.8.0 is not sufficient, but 2.1.1 works fine, so >= Natty is OK.


$ make build

will build only those parts needed to run txlongpoll. No support for tags or testing.


$ make check

will build all the test-related parts of txlongpoll and then do a full test run, but

$ make bin/test

will just do the first part.

There is testrepository <> support, so you can also do the following:

$ testr init $ testr run

This is probably the best way to develop txlongpoll.


$ bin/twistd txlongpoll
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
txlongpoll-0.3.2.tar.gz (md5, pgp) Source 2013-06-04 17KB