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typecheck3 0.1.0

A Python 3 easy to use runtime typechecker


An easy-to-use Python 3 runtime typechecker.


The typical usage for this decorator would be something like this:

def foo(i: int) -> bool:
return a > 0

def to_int(*, s: by_regex("^[0-9]+$")) -> int:
return int(s)

def set_debug_level(self, level: optional(one_of(1, 2, 3)) = 2):
self._level = level

This recipe is extensible with callable predicates, such as

is_even = lambda x: x % 2 == 0

def multiply_by_2(i: int) -> is_even:
return i * 2


The code was written by Dmitri Dvoinikov and maintained by Esteban Ordano
(@eordano on twitter).

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