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typogrify-engineer 2.0.0

Typography related template filters for Django & Jinja2 applications

Note: This is a fork of the original `typogrify` project made especially
for `Engineer<http:"" tylerbutler="" engineer=""/>`_. The
modifications are very minor:

- SmartyPants defaults changed so that `--` is interpreted as an en-dash
and `---` is interpreted as an em-dash. I don't know why in the world this
isn't the default.

typogrify: Filters to make web typography easier

This application provides a set of custom filters for the Django
template system which automatically apply various transformations to
plain text in order to yield typographically-improved HTML.

Version 2 changes

* Django is no longer a requirement. The typogrify filters can be used in any
environment by importing them from typogrify.filters
* Experimental jinja2 support added in typogrify.templatetags.jinja_filters –
untested and defintely needs some eyes on it. Might trigger a point release
soon to update.


``typogrify`` is a set of functions that take text or html input and mark them up with HTML.
it requires `the Python port of John Gruber's SmartyPants`_ for tokenization.

It includes optional template filters for Django. So you'll need Django if you want to use those.

.._ The Python port of John Gruber's SmartyPants:

To use with Django

BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBILTY NOTE: Version 2 of typogrify has moved the typogrify
tag to {% load typogrify_tags %} – This necessary to allow the tags files to
import from the rest of the library.

Once ``typogrify`` is installed on your system, you can add it to the
``INSTALLED_APPS`` setting of any Django project in which you wish to
use it, and then use ``{% load typogrify_tags %}`` in your templates to
load the filters it provides.

Included filters


Wraps ampersands in HTML with ``<span class="amp">`` so they can be
styled with CSS. Ampersands are also normalized to ``&``. Requires
ampersands to have whitespace or an `` `` on both sides. Will not
change any ampersand which has already been wrapped in this fashion.


Wraps multiple capital letters in ``<span class="caps">`` so they can
be styled with CSS.


Wraps initial quotes in ``<span class="dquo">`` for double quotes or
``<span class="quo">`` for single quotes. Works inside these block

* ``h1``, ``h2``, ``h3``, ``h4``, ``h5``, ``h6``

* ``p``

* ``li``

* ``dt``

* ``dd``

Also accounts for potential opening inline elements: ``a``, ``em``,
``strong``, ``span``, ``b``, ``i``.


Applies ``SmartyPants``.


Applies all of the following filters, in order:

* ``amp``

* ``widont``

* ``smartypants``

* ``caps``

* ``initial_quotes``


Based on Shaun Inman's PHP utility of the same name, replaces the
space between the last two words in a string with `` `` to avoid
a final line of text with only one word.

Works inside these block elements:

* ``h1``, ``h2``, ``h3``, ``h4``, ``h5``, ``h6``

* ``p``

* ``li``

* ``dt``

* ``dd``

Also accounts for potential closing inline elements: ``a``, ``em``,
``strong``, ``span``, ``b``, ``i``.  
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