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uiro 0.2

le Web framework.

le Web framework for Python.

Uiro provides a foundation to create a pluggable Web application.

  • For creating a database-driven web application.
  • Providing basict to create pluggable application.
  • Designed to make user enable to use a lot of great WSGI libraries.

A simple Uiro application will be like this.

from wsgiref.simple_server import make_server
from matcha import Matching, make_wsgi_app
from uiro.controller import BaseController
from uiro.view import view_config

class Controller(BaseController):
    def get_view(self, request, context):
        return 'Hello {name}!'.format(**request.matched_dict)

 matching = Matching('/hello/{name}', Controller())

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = make_wsgi_app(matching)
    server = make_server('', 8888, app)

And setup.

pip install uiro

Now, you can visit http://localhost:8888/hello/world in a browser, you will see the text ‘Hello world!’.

Next step

Above example is too tiny to create a common-sensible Web application. You can see Uiro documentation and learn more about Uiro


Uiro is Deciding necessary packages to avoid version collisions:

  • webob==1.2.3
  • gearbox==0.0.2
  • matcha==0.3
  • mako==0.9.0
  • SQLAlchemy==0.8.3

To use these packages, Uiro (and it’s third party app) users can be free by version collisions.


Uiro 0.2 is still Pre-alpha, not for production usage.



0.2 (2013-11-8)

  • Feature handling Resources.
  • Entry point to apply predicates/wrappers by users to view_config
  • Fixed Controller to consider primaries of views
  • Changed depending SQLAlchemy version.

0.1 (2013-10-29)

Initial release.

  • Basic request/response handling
    • Controller/View
    • Configuation by view_config decorator
    • Creating WSGI application by matcha’s matching object.
  • Basic support for using mako template.
  • Basic support for SQLAlchemy.
  • Necessary commands
    • create: Starting for project using scaffolding.
    • initdb: Creating tables to databases.
    • serve: Running your application.
  • Automatically creating of apps publishing static files.
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