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unholster.django-lookup 0.1.0

Easy SlugField management

Lookup is a simple Django app to easy work with slug charfields and fuzzy finding in
your models.

Quick start

1. Add "lookup" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this::


2. Run `python syncdb` to create the lookup models.

Use example:
        def option_key(self, option):
                return if hasattr(option, 'name') else option


                fuzzy_string = "Some incorrectly spelled key"

                # Creates a lookup object for the Territory model
        zone_lookup = LookupTable(Territory)

        # Creates a lookup list using what's already on the table.

        # Obtains a territory using a slug from the fuzzy_string and tries to obtain the object associated to it
        # if no exact matches, proposes alternatives using fuzzy finding or to create a new object.
        zone, created = zone_lookup.prompt(fuzzy_string, defaults={'name': fuzzy_string, cutoff=0.5, n=5)
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