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uniphy 0.0.4.dev0

Unification and collection of algorithms used in physics

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# uniphy
Uniphy stands for "**Uni**versity **Phy**sics". The package focuses on specialised functionality for research and teaching on university level without a focus on a certain branch of physics or science. It is part of the Phynix project.

## Current projects

The package is still in its early stage of planning and first implementations. It is currently not usable for any production-like application.

### Output

What if "print" would simply save everything also into a file if I want to and not if I don't want to? Or if only those "prints" will be saved which I want to be saved?

The answer is **Output** which does exactly the above (and more). But most of all, it does not change anything if not wanted.

Simply replace **every** print with out.print. And everything works as usual. One line will let you save the output. If you like. And won't if you don't.

Minimal example:

import uniphy as up

out = up.output()
out.print("Same as print", "\nBut I can be saved as well.")


out = up.output("/my/path/to/folder")
out.print("Same as print again, but will be saved this time")

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