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unweb.recipe.ploneftp 0.1

Buildout recipe to configure an ftp proxy for Plone sites

A zc.buildout recipe for Plone sites that configures an ftp upload proxy with resume support in front of Zope’s Medusa FTP. Plone users can login using their username and password. When a file is succefully uploaded it is moved to the user’s home folder in Plone.

Supported options

The recipe supports the following options:

    host and port to listen on. Defaults to port 21

    host and port of the zope ftp. Defaults to

    path of the target folder in Zope. Defaults to /Plone/Members/%s where %s is the username

    temporary directory where files will be uploaded. Defaults to /tmp/PloneFTP

    custom login message. Defaults to "Welcome to Plone FTP. Your uploaded file may not be visible in FTP when the upload has finished. Go to your Plone site member folder to see your file."

    custom logout message. Defaults to "Thanks for using Plone FTP!"


Created by

Based on plumiftp by Andy Nicholson and Victor Rajewski.

Development sponsored by


  • Dimitris Moraitis, dimo at
  • Andy Nicholson, andy at
  • Victor Rajewski, vik at

Change history

0.1 (2010-11-22)

  • Initial release [dimo]


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