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update_checker 0.5

A python module that will check for package updates.

Latest Version: 0.16

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# update_checker

A python module that will check for package updates.

### Installation

The update_checker module can be installed via:

pip install update_checker

### Usage

To simply output when there is a newer version of the `update_checker` package,
you can use the following bit of code:

from update_checker import update_check
update_check('update_checker', '0.0.1')

If you need more control, such as performing operations conditionally when
there is an update you can use the following approach:

from update_checker import UpdateChecker
checker = UpdateChecker()
result = checker.check('update_checker', '0.0.1')
if result: # result is None when an update was not found or a failure occured
# result is a UpdateResult object that contains the following attributes:
# * available_version
# * package_name
# * running_version
# * release_date (is None if the information isn't available)
# Conditionally perform other actions
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