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uralicNLP 1.0.0

An NLP library for small Uralic languages such as Skolt Sami, Moksha and such

Latest Version: 1.0.2

Uralic NLP is a Python library for processing small Uralic languages. The languages that are currently supported are Skolt Sami, Ingrian, Meadow & Eastern Mari, Votic, Olonets-Karelian, Erzya, Moksha, Hill Mari, Udmurt, Tundra Nenets, Komi-Permyak and Finnish.

Currently, this tool provides uralicApi functionality which uses the API of Over this API, it’s possible to do** morphological analysis**, morphological generation, lemmatization and dictionary search for these languages.

This library provides Omorfi as a service for Finnish.


from uralicNLP import uralicApi

print uralicApi.analyze("voita", "fin") #Morphological analysis for the Finnish word form voita

print uralicApi.generate("käsi+N+Sg+Par", "fin") #Generates the singular partitive form of the Finnish word käsi

print uralicApi.dictionary_search("car", "sms") #Does a dictionary search for the word car in the Skolt Sami dictionary

print uralicApi.lemmatize("voita", "fin") #Lists possible lemmas for the Finnish word form voita

Further information

A proper documentation is available in the Uralic NLP GitHub .

You might also be interested in using Korp on Python to access corpora of Uralic languages.

This library will have more functionality in the future as my PhD studies progress. This library and the API was created by Mika Hämäläinen .

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