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uritools 0.5.2

RFC 3986 compliant, Unicode-aware, scheme-agnostic replacement for urlparse

Latest Version: 2.1.0

This module defines RFC 3986 compliant replacements for the most commonly used functions of the Python 2.7 Standard Library urlparse and Python 3 urllib.parse modules.

>>> from uritools import urisplit, uriunsplit, urijoin, uridefrag
>>> uri = urisplit('foo://')
>>> uri
SplitResult(scheme='foo', authority='', path='/over/there',
            query='name=ferret', fragment='nose')
>>> uri.scheme
>>> uri.authority
>>> uri.port
>>> uri.geturi()
>>> uriunsplit(uri[:3] + ('name=swallow&type=African', 'beak'))
>>> urijoin('', 'FAQ.html')
>>> uridefrag('')
>>> urisplit('').gethost(encoding='idna')

For various reasons, the urlparse module is not compliant with current Internet standards, does not include Unicode support, and is generally unusable with proprietary URI schemes. As stated in Lib/

RFC 3986 is considered the current standard and any future changes
to urlparse module should conform with it.  The urlparse module is
currently not entirely compliant with this RFC due to defacto
scenarios for parsing, and for backward compatibility purposes,
some parsing quirks from older RFCs are retained.

This module aims to provide fully RFC 3986 compliant replacements for some commonly used functions found in urlparse, plus additional functions for handling Unicode, normalizing URI paths, and conveniently composing URIs from their individual components.


Install uritools using pip:

pip install uritools


Copyright (c) 2014 Thomas Kemmer.

Licensed under the MIT License.

Known Bugs and Limitations

This modules does not handle IPv6 host addresses (yet).

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