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urlfetch 0.4.0

An easy to use HTTP client

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 1.0.3


An easy to use HTTP client.


$ pip install urlfetch -U

Hello World

from urlfetch import get

response = get('')
print response.body

Upload file

from urlfetch import post

response = post(
    headers = {
        'Referer': '',
    files = {
        'fieldname1': open('/path/to/file', 'rb'),
        #'fieldname2': 'file content', # file must have a filename
        'fieldname3': ('filename', open('/path/to/file2', 'rb')),
        'fieldname4': ('filename', 'file content'),
    data = {
        'foo': 'bar'

print response.status, response.body


File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
urlfetch-0.4.0.tar.bz2 (md5) Source 2012-07-01 18KB
urlfetch-0.4.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-01 21KB (md5) Source 2012-07-01 23KB