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urxvt_tabbed 0.2.0

Tab wrapper for urxt

URxvt terminals with gtk 3 tabs. Tabs are implemented by embedding URxvt in a gtk notebook container, using pygobject as an interface to gtk. URxvt does provide a rudimentary default gtk tabs implementation using perl, but with limited features (e.g. no tab dragging or tab closing).


  • Tab name editing (double click).
  • Tab closing, drag & drop.
  • Inherits tab titles set by shells.
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts.

Installation and Use


  • python-gobject
  • python3-xlib

Installing Dependencies

Arch Linux:

  • sudo pacman -S python-gobject
  • sudo yaourt -S python3-xlib

Other Linux systems:

  • Install python-gobject using your favorite package manager
  • pip3 install python3-xlib

Installing URxvt Tabbed

  • git clone
  • cd urxvt-tabbed
  • ./bin/urxvt-tabbed


The configuration is read from ~/.urxvt_tabbed/urxvt_tabbed.conf, which uses the ini format:

foo = bar


  • font: font description used for UI, e.g. Monospace, Inconsolata 12 or Envy Code R italic 16. Defaults come from gtk.


  • close_last_tab: One of new, close, blank


  • prev_tab: Previous tab, defaults to Control + Page_Up
  • next_tab: Next tab, defaults to Control + Page_Down
  • move_tab_prev: Move tab left, defaults to Control + Shift + Page_Up
  • move_tab_next: Move tab right, defaults to Control + Shift + Page_Down
  • new_tab: New tab, defaults to Control + Shift + T
  • close_tab: Close tab, defaults to Control + F4



If you find any bugs or have any feature requests, please open an issue. I’m happy to accept any pull requests.


Licensed under GPLv3.

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