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valet 0.4

valet is a script that turns any directory into a simple wiki, complete with wikitext rendering, editing, and automatically committing changes to version control.


valet is a script that turns any directory into a simple wiki, complete with wikitext rendering, editing, and automatically committing changes to version control.

It’s a single file with no strict requirements aside from [bottle](



I got a bee in my bonnet recently on making some improvements to valet, so Merry Christmas to you all.

New features:

  • The /view/X, /edit/X, etc. paths have been removed in favor of using URL query arguments, e.g. X?edit and X?delete. CGI/WSGI path prefixes still work fine.

  • New file-management-related functionality, like creating new files and deleting files

  • Search! A fancy search field will grep through documents and filenames for your query

  • Lots of git-related functionality has been added, including:
    • Displaying a dropdown that lets you view an old version of a file
    • Displaying a table with detailed status about the last few changes to a file
  • Lots of code cleanup, refactoring, and simplification

  • Fixed a ton of bugs

  • Lots of code changes to better comply with pylint (score 9.24)

  • Added some basic unit/regression tests in


I spent some time hacking on valet this weekend, fixing a few bugs and adding one big new feature: CGI/WSGI support. Now if you link or rename valet to something.cgi or something.fcgi, it will “Do The Right Thing” and operate as a proper webapp. (WSGI support requires [flup](

This feature was required for me to run valet as a lightweight wiki on my DreamHost server without interfering in that environment by opening a new port or leaving a long-running service around. I didn’t add a configuration interface; if you’re going to be linking or renaming the script, open it up and change the options hard-coded near the top.

Other changes and new features:

  • Added a mime query argument to override the automatic filetype detection.
    • You can use this if, for instance, you have a Python script without the “.py” extension; add ?mime=text/x-python to get it properly syntax-colored anyway.
  • Added support for arbitrary URL prefixes.
    • This just works automatically; valet will figure out where you put it and prepend that to all of the links instead of hardcoding “/view” etc.
      • This doesn’t work super-well with Apache’s mod_rewrite; it basically ignores the rewrite headers. This is a limitation of bottle but I’m not sure how to do it better anyway.


  • Added proper support for empty “edit” and “post” routes with a slash at the end (now it will complain about no file being provided instead of saying the route doesn’t exist)
  • Fixed an error output that caused problems when running as a CGI (now writes to stderr)


$ valet

Or, use some command line options:

$ valet [-d <path>] [-p <port>] [-r] [-s] [-v]

By default, valet serves $CWD; change this with -d <path>. Other options:

  • -r: set readonly mode and disable editing

  • -s: set simple mode and disable all special-case processing (pygments, wikitext rendering, etc.)

  • -v: automatically commit edits into version control if possible
    • Currently only git is supported.


$ pip install valet


Tested on:

  • Centos 5.4 (python 2.6)
  • Debian 6.0.4 (python 2.6)
  • Gentoo (python 2.7)
  • Mac OS X 10.7 (python 2.7)
  • Ubuntu 12.04.1 (python 2.7)
  • Windows 7 (python 2.7)

Optional Components

valet supports lots of useful modules, which will be automatically enabled if present:

Use the -s/–simple command-line option to disable these optional components.

Known Issues

  • There’s no security anywhere here; please, whatever you do, DON’T make this available over the Internet. valet has a readonly mode and attempts to jail reads and edits into its root directory, but be careful!
  • bottle’s static_file function doesn’t appear to handle UTF-8 data properly, or at least it doesn’t show up right when I load a file that way.
  • The version of python-magic that ships with Ubuntu [is broken](; I worked around it as best I could.
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